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How Do I Buy a Winner?

by Jette Eva Madsen.

How do I buy a winner? - This is one of the questions that breeders most often hear. Right from the beginning the Norwegian Forest Cat was believed to be a nature cat that could roam around in the free without much care, grooming and company. With the growing numbers of NFC's on shows and the resulting competition this assumption does not hold to be true anymore.

The answer is easy: You don't !!

Buying a show cat is a lot more than buying a cat with an excellent exteriur, temper and pedigree but not everyone realises this and as a result thoose exhibitors will shop around to buy another cat and yet another cat when the first one didn't turn out the way they expected.

How do I then pick out the right kitten?

Some breeders never pick out the right kitten. There are no right kittens for them because they will never bee able to provide the things that is needed to turn a good quality cat into an excellent show cat.

What do I look for when I wish to buy a show kitten?

I now bought my kitten - how do the cat become a succesfull show cat?

Todays winners - are they perfect?

No! - there are no perfect cats. Obviously some type faults seem to be penalised more than others. What kind of fault that is considered to be more serious changes from time to time and faults are also judged diferently in diferent geografic areas. Also there is a diference in what is considered a more serious fault depending on what organisation you have choosen to show your cat inn.

If all cats have faults why does some cats then seem to be born winners?

On some cats the type, condition, temper and preparation get together in a fantastic cocktail. Some cats have a marvellous temper, they are full of self confidence and they virtually shine when they are admired at the shows.

Those are the cats that winn. They may have smaller faults but those faults are totally outweighted by the cats personality and charisma.


If you buy a cat of good quality you can do a lot in order to ensure that exactly your cat will do well at shows. Seek information on how to present and groom your NFC with your fellow breeders. Look at the breeders that have cats in fantastic condition at shows and ask them what they feed their cats, how their cats live and how they groom their cats. Dooing the outmost to make perfect conditions for your cat will advance your cat to a much higher score at many shows.