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The composition of the Felis Jubatus cat family

This is the list of breeding cats that have been part of Felis Jubatus 25 year’s history. The list is very long, and contains 28 males and 26 females. The female cats have lived with us. Especially the males have been borrowed from other breeders in Denmark and abroad.

The cats from this list have all been part of the development and history of Felis Jubatus. Each of them has put its own mark on the kittens born in our house.

The males

The females

The total list of cats that have meant a lot to Felis Jubatus contains an additional three cats in order to be complete.

In total it means that 26 males and 26 females have made up the genetic composition of our cats. An interesting number, since textbooks on genetics recommend that an equal number of males and females are used in order to keep up the genetic variation and limit the amount of inbreeding.

The challenge here is that you feel that you use a lot of different cats and have large genetic variability, if you have several females. However, the real story is that the gender used in smallest number will be the one deciding the level of variability. Usually, that is the number of males, since one male often is used for several females.

The different Felis Jubatus lines

Of the 52 cats that have been involved in bringing forward our cat family, three different lines have evolved. All of them stems back from the same mating between Colosseums Gustav Graah and Flatland’s Avedine. Hedda Gabler moved to Felis Audax, Gertrud Stein to Greatest Hits and Gustav Wied stayed home.

The Hedda Gabler line

This line contains cats with a thick, long fur and clear tabby markings. It is a family of lovely, healthy and uncomplicated breeding cats. The cats are intelligent with a yielding personality that are doing fine in large families

The personality of the cats from this line makes it difficult to sell them so therefore we now have a different proliferation:

The Gertrud Stein line

A strong and unbroken line of fantastic show cats. Strong cats with fantastic expressions. Extremely intelligent and with a very strong mind that do not thrive with a position playing second fiddle in the cat family.

For some strange reason we have always kept a non agouti cat from this line. They are all cats with attractive distribution of color and white.

The Gustav Wied Line

This line contains the most fantastic breeding females. I know of no other female forest cats that have produced as many offspring’s as Flatland’s Clara and her daughters.

At the same time this is the line of cats where we have ”played” around with the color and tried to produce a pretty golden tabby cat. We have succeeded, and we have for several generations had kittens with a very lovely golden tabby color that no one can resist. This is the kind of cats that laymen immediately connect to the breed and that every one wants to own.