A list of kittens looking for new homes can not be found on our internet pages.

We think it is a rather difficult decision to choose a new kitten so we do not believe your choice should be influenced by photos of sweet ready-to-leave-kittens on our homepage.

If you buy a pet, you should expect the cat to be with you for 15 years.If you buy a breeder- and show quality cat it is more important that the cat fits into your breeding plans genetically and type wise than you believe the kitten look sweet/good at the home page.

We believe that paper does not show you the whole truth about the kitten so a photo should always be accompanied with a description of traits and personality and answers to the questions that are important for you.

You are very welcome to contact us in order to hear which kittens are looking for new homes right now. We are also very happy to answer your questions and it is possible that our long experience can help you to find exactly the cat that fits into your home.