Photo by Kjeld Krogh


Norwegian Forest Cat
Date of Birth 26-04-1994
Father EC Gustav Wied Felis Jubatus, DM
Mother GIC Helga den Fagre Felis Audax, DM
Sex Female
EMS Color NFO w 63 (Group 9)
Title(s) EC - European Champion
DM - Destinguished Merit
Genotype AaDDiiSsTtWwoo
Breeder(s) Judith Zuurveld
Owner(s) Jette Eva Madsen
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Bergansius Nehalennia - mother of two World Winners

by Jette Eva Madsen.

While writing this I realize that it is not so long ago that we lost Nehalennia. I have not yet really accepted that she is no longer here. I still think of her sitting on her favorite spot in the cat run, and from the corner of my eye can still see her running around the corner to the food bowl.

I also think of what it must have cost Judith Zuurveld to give us Nehalennia, when her father suddenly died. Judith had Nehalennia until she was nine months old, and she loved her a lot. We all miss Nehalennia very much.

Nehalennia was a successful show cat, but most people know her as a breed cat. As far as fertility is concerned she was a lot like her grandmother. Always in heat and always with kittens. And not just any kittens - no, Nehalennia is the mother of some of the best kittens in the world. Judith gave us a fantastic cat. We can never thank her enough.