Photo by Kjeld Krogh


Norwegian Forest Cat
Date of Birth 17.08.1985
Father EP & IC Christiania's Rudolf
Mother Claire
Sex Female
EMS Color NFO w 61 (FIFe Group 9)
White w. blue eyes
Title(s) EC - European Champion
DM - Distinguished Merit
Genotype aaddiissTtWwoo
Breeder(s) Rigmor Syverstad
Owner(s) Jette Eva Madsen & Martin Kristensen
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Flatland's Avedine - A bulldozer disguised as a cat

by Jette Eva Madsen.

The description tells you almost everything. Avedine was the most pushy, clumsy, wonderful, and intelligent cat that I've ever had the pleasure of having in my cattery. White as snow, pretty as a lily, a pure and genuine wild beast.

Avedine lived her life in the fast lane. She devoured anything that was put in front of her, was always slightly overweight, constantly in heat, and got a lot of kittens. She had an incredibly strong personality and maintained her position as lead cat in the Felis Jubatus pack.

She had a marvelous memory, which was demonstrated to the full towards our visitors at home. Having touched Avedine in a way not to her liking, a guest had to suffer her massive retaliation. It would be delivered with unfailing certainty the next time Avedine would happen to pass by. Deliberately, calmly and determinedly she would fetch him/her a blow to no small surprise for the poor, unsuspecting visitor.

I recall one day, when Cornelia Waller was judging Avedine for the second time within a couple of months. Ms Waller remarked: "I remember you well. Will you bite me, if I touch your chin?" Of course, Avedine did just that! It is hardly necessary to tell you that the chin was one of those places that Avedine didn't find it necessary for us to touch.

Avedine won countless Best in Shows, despite her many caprices. She was exceptionally beautiful, and always in exceptional form and show condition. In one word, she was exceptional.

Today, the Forest Cat world is still full of cats that look like Avedine's offspring. She had some personality traits that to this day mark her grandchildren, grand-grandchildren, grand-grand-grand.... They are still strong, intelligent, and charming personalities. They are still white as snow and pretty as lilies. And they are still pure and genuine wild beasts.