Lately it has become very popular for breeders to advertise with their future breeding plans. You cannot read about our future breeding plans on our home page so therefore many questions about which litters we plan are posed to us. A few years ago our standard answer to that question was " we breed the best cat to the best cat and hope for the best". That answer is still true. We have always tried to combine the best cats in order to assure kittens with attractive looks and personality. Our breeding plans are long termed. The goal is to stabilize the characters that we find very important for the Forest Cat. At the same time, we give the original sturdy and healthy genetic combination extremely high priority since those genes are by far the best for the future work. Realizing that the Forest Cat is an old breed that represent a unique genetic material we try to keep the cat as it was when it was recognized in 1976. In the future the original genetic material may prove to be very important since it is a fact that the more we specialize our cats the further they move away from their natural behavior and characters. If you wish to hear more about which specific matings we plan in the near future you are were welcome to contact us.