by Jette Eva Madsen.

The Italian FIFe Club held last week 30.11+1.12 a show in Montichiari where the special theme was Norwegian Forest Cats.

The Italian Forest Cat Club had arranged a large photo exhibition and they also succeeded having a special Best in Show only for Forest Cats (judges: Ms Hämäläinen, Ms. Steinhauser, Ms. Fanelli, Ms. Anciau and Mr Jocquel). As much as 130 Forest Cats took part in the show. A large number for that area. And a large number considered that the German FIFe club had a two certificate show in Stuttgart the very same week-end. Cats from Switzerland, Italy and Denmark took part in the Italian show.

Personally I found the special idea of showing "pairs" very amusing. The exhibitors could sign up their cats in pairs, which means a male and female cat together. Later in the day two judges (Ms Anciau and Ms Fanelli) looked at all the pairs and took out Best Pair Adult - Best Pair Neuter - Best pair 6-10 months old - Best pair 3-6 months old. The idea was great. It made exhibitors who had never seen each other talk together in order to arrange their cats in pairs that had the most beautiful color, the most similar color, the same size, look etc. And the presenting of the pairs of cats for the judges made us talk and laugh while we bumped into each other because we had so many cats on the stage at the same time. Even the cats seemed to have a great time. Surely a great idea for future shows.

The main event concerning Forest Cats that week-end was however the meeting on the topic: breeding and defects of the Forest Cats. Near the show hall was a good room where the meeting was held. 64 people took part in the meeting. Counting the judges of the show, the board of the arranging FIFe club, the editor of an Italian animal magazine, and all the exhibitors of Forest Cats. The meeting was scheduled to last 3 hours and as always the time was too short showing that the need for meetings like this is great.

The lecture on breeding and defects was held by me, Jette Eva Madsen, in English and the translation to Italian was masterly performed by Christina Hoerter.

Finally all exhibitors of Forest Cats received a litography made by a well-known Italian artist as gift from the Italian Forest Cat Club.

Thank you to Italy's Forest Cat Club for a great initiative. Hope you will repeat this event every year?