Photo by Jens Jensen

Name EC Stella Dell'Orso Felis Jubatus
Breed Norwegian Forest Cat
Date of Birth 11-05-2001
Father EC WW91 Flatland's Bjørnstierne, DM
Mother Danish Design's Ravenna
Sex Female
Breed Status Unneutered - active breeder
EMS Color NFO n (FIFe Group 1)
Title(s) EC - European Champion
Genotype aaDdiissTtwwoo
Breeder(s) Jette Eva Madsen
Owner(s) Jette Eva Madsen
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Let's go to bed...

by Jette Eva Madsen.

Stella was born a few weeks after her father Flatland’s Bjørnstierne died so we kept her in the hope that she would develop a similar personality. Stella did not let us down. She developed the most fantastic personality. Always on top of the hierarchy without bullying the other cats around. She had her own quiet way of keeping order in the house that gave room also to the less dominant cats. Stella was also a very considerate cat. Always helping every other female out with their kittens, and when Jens or I were ill, she kept us company in the bed until we were well again. As a matter of fact, she is the only cat we have had, who knew the meaning of the words “let’s go to bed”, following which she would be racing into the bedroom to take up her favourite spot at the headstand of the bed.. I do not have to say that we miss Stella very much. However, we are very fortunate to have two daughters after her. Lille Stjerne and Lige Nu, who both have similar personalities. In that way we are happy to be able to continue the direct line after Flatlands Bjørnstierne.