by Jette Eva Madsen.

Lately I have had some questions about Gustav Graahs Vandrepokal. In the beginning it was only known to a few people but now more cats have had it and some forest cat enthusiasts have therefore asked me what it is and how you win it?

Some years ago we got the idea of trying to remember my first Norwegian Forest Cat and his contribution to the foundation of the breed in Europe by handing out Gustav Graahs Vandrepokal. Vandrepokal is the Danish work for traveling cup. The cup is handed out according to the following rules:

  • The cup is handed over to the highest placed Norwegian Forest cat at the FIFe World Show, that has Colosseums Gustav Graah in his/her pedigree.
  • If two or more cats are placed at the same level the cup will be handed over to the cat with the fewest generations between him/her and Gustav.
  • In case that the cat qualifying for the cup is owned by Jette Eva Madsen or Martin Kristensen, the next cat in line will be awarded the cup.
  • Before next years World Show the cup will be replaced with a smaller cup for the winner to keep. The name of the winner is engraved in the traveling cup.

The cup was first handed out in 1993.

  1.   EC WW93 Et eller andet Felis Jubatus (DK)
    - three generations after Gustav
  2.   GIC Naima's Zora (CH)
    - three generations after Gustav
  3.   EC WW95 Skovhugger Felis Jubatus (DK)
    - four generations after Gustav
  4.   GIC Starkad's Dianthus (DK)
    - three generations after Gustav
  5.   EC Vikjngs Warren (I)
    - two generations after Gustav
  6.   Miriel Felis Audax (DK)
    - three generations after Gustav
  7.   IC WW99 Remis Felis Jubatus (D)
    - three generations after Gustav
  8.   GIP WW00 Dino von Birkvel (DK)
    - four generations after Gustav
  9.   IC  Ridderspore Felis Jubatus (CH)
    - three generations after Gustav
  10.   EC Spar Konge Felis Jubatus (SF)
    - three generations after Gustav
  11.   EP Hofnar Felis Jubatus (DK)
    - three generations after Gustav
  12.   Gillian's Flødechokolade (DK)
    - four generations after Gustav
  13.   WW05 Nirvana Blue Tanis (CH)
    - seven generations after Gustav

Considering that the last kittens after Gustav were born 14 years ago and Gustav himself was born in '81 it is amazing that he is still so close to the winning cats of the show bench.

To me Gustav will always be the ultimate Norwegian Forest Cat - a cat that I will never forget as long as I live. I am happy for all the interest and inquiries there has been since I started to hand out the travel cup in order to honor him.

WW05 Nirvana Blue Tanis (CH)
- Winner of Gustav Graah's Vandrepokal 2005